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About the Collection

Where Can I See the Guitars?
Can I Play the Guitars?
Where Are You?
Special Arrangements for Groups
Entrance Fee
What Guitars Will I See?
What Do I Do Next?

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Playing the classical guitar has been a passion for me for over 30 years and having always played on very modest guitars it was not until I received my Romanillos guitar (for which I waited for so long that I'd forgotten about it) that I realised what I had been missing. I had heard of Torres, Hauser, Fleta, Romanillos et al but never had the opportunity to play these instruments. I was also aware of how ignorant I was about the construction of the guitar and how different they could sound.

It was after getting my beautiful Romanillos and my subsequent friendship with Liam Romanillos that I became interested in the construction and history of the guitar and the gallery is dedicated to the art of the luthier.

Over the years I have collected many beautiful instruments but have always been aware that they were built to be played and not hidden from view as is the case in some other collections.  My main interest is in the modern classical guitar (ie post Antonio Torres) although there are a few older instruments which serve to demonstrate the development of the guitar.

So, in order to give something back to the instrument I love, I have decided to make my collection accessible to players to play and luthiers to inspect.

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some of the guitars in the collectionWhen Can I See the Guitars?
For security and insurance reasons the exhibition is not a permanent one and the guitars are brought to The Granary for specific dates which will be published on this website.

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Can I Play the Guitars?
Yes, as long as you are not a total beginner. Please wear a long-sleeved jumper/sweatshirt and no belt buckles!

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Where Are You?
The Granary is in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Full directions etc. and details will be sent to you by e-mail.

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Special Arrangements for Groups
The exhibition is not a permanent one and is available only on specific dates. As the logistics of transporting over 40 guitars safely is complex, I can only consider opening if there are at least 10+ in you group and of course the date is convenient.

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Entrance Fee
There is no entrance fee but a donation equivalent to the cost of a packet of strings would be appreciated.

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What Guitars Will I See & Play?
The list below is not complete but will give you an idea of what to expect. You can see pictures of the guitars on the names below which are links. This site is still under construction - more pictures will be added in the future.

Juan Pages 1791
Petitjean L’Ainee
Gennaro Fabricatore
Luigi Filano
Antonio de Lorca
Aubry Maire
Louis Panormo 
D & A Roudhloff
Vicente Arias
Manuel Ramirez
Enrique Garcia
Julian Gomez Ramirez
Francisco Simplicio
Salvador Ibanez
Telsevoro Julve
Hermann Hauser 1
Santos Hernandez
Domingo Esteso
Pascual Viudes
Robert Bouchet
Arcangel Fernandez 1
Arcangel Fernadez   2
Vda Esteso y Sobrinos

early guitars in the collection

Ignacio Fleta
Miguel Rodriguez

Hernadez y Aguado
Jose Romanillos
David Rubio
Jose Yacopi
George Love
Daniel Friederich
Martin Fleeson
Harald Petersen
Manuel Contreras
Paul Fischer
Vincente Camacho
Jose Ramirez 1A Camara
Brian Cohen
F Manuel Diaz
Valeriano Bernal
Greg Smallman
Jose & Liam Romanillos
David Merrin
Andres Marvi

Adelita played by D Merrin c 2010 Granary Guitars

To play the Adelitas: Accept the MS 'DRM' option if this is offered

4 of the guitars in the collection

Any restoration work needed on the guitars is carried out by luthier, David Merrin.

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What Do I Do Next?
Visits are by personal invite only. If you would like to come along, you will need to email me with your name and address and telephone number. I will email you back with directions etc.

I look forward to seeing you!

Alun Morgan

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